The BBIT website:

  • has now been transferred over to AHS DON SCN, and is being used to support the implementation of Basal Bolus Insulin Therapy in Alberta hospitals, as part of the DON SCN provincial multifaceted diabetes inpatient management initiative
  • is one tool to support the uptake of Basal Bolus Insulin Therapy (to replace sliding scale insulin) to assist patients with diabetes in achieving their blood sugar targets while they are in hospital
  • is used by frontline providers across the country and beyond.

The DON SCN is happy to share learnings and insights with other hospitals, or health jurisdictions, with respect to this initiative. For more information about the website or the provincial diabetes inpatient management initiative, please contact us.


The AHS Diabetes Obesity & Nutrition (DON) Strategic Clinical Network (SCN)™ would like to acknowledge Dr. Karmon Helmle and Dr. Anthony Dechant who developed the original website in 2011, and maintained it until 2016.

Thank you to Dr. Helmle and Dr. Dechant for re-designing the website in 2019! It provides ongoing education to front line staff and aids clinicians in ordering basal bolus insulin therapy.

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